About us

Our Company

We are a team of Leadership and People Development consultants, Life and Executive coaches, Leadership development strategists, content creators, speakers, facilitators, and trainers.

Our work is underpinned by the philosophy that great organisations are built by greater people. If an organisation will succeed excellently, they need to invest in the success of their people. People can only reproduce what is invested in them. Essentially, we believe that the people make the place.

Our core strategy is in co-creating value for clients through communication, which focuses on understanding their needs. We never make the mistake of thinking we know it all and that’s why we have honed the skill of listening, observing and comprehending.

Our Vision

Equipping organisations and their people to co-create success-enabling environments, where leadership is authentic, conscious and exemplary, so that the people naturally thrive.

Our mission

  • To help organisations, teams and individuals focus on creating environments where people discover, develop and maximise their potentials.
  • We are committed to working with businesses to develop and maximise high-performance skills, strategies and competencies that enable communication effectiveness, enhanced employee engagement, increased synergy within teams and across departments, gender collaboration, and greater evidence of the benefits of diversity and inclusion.
  • We also help our clients build strong and authentic personal, businesses and leadership brands.

Our values are simple and D-I-R-E-C-T

  1.  Dynamism and Continuous improvement
  2.  Integrity & Strong work ethics
  3.  Respect
  4.  Excellence
  5.  Collaboration
  6.  Teamwork
Toluwani Akaehomen (MBA)
FOunder & PRINCIPAl consultant

Toluwani Akaehomen is a Leadership, Learning and Inclusion Consultant,  with a strong bias for and expertise in promoting, supporting and inspiring leadership development and the socioeconomic inclusion and integration of marginalised/disadvantaged communities and migrants.  She is also a professional speaker, a Business and Personal Transformation Mentor, and  a certified Leadership development and Executive Coach, 

Toluwani had worked extensively with global organisations, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), communities, teams and individuals to develop strategies and interventions for enhancing performance, facilitating communication effectiveness, increasing employee engagement, enabling communicating transformation and supporting professional and personal development. She is also skilled at strategy development for inclusive leadership.

She is a member of some professional bodies, including the CIPD and the ILM. She was listed one of 145 inspiring women leaders 2020.

Toluwani is Founder and President of HerGenuityAfrika, a membership organisations supporting African women in business and leadership – www.hergenuityafrika.org. She is also Head of Learning at Roegate College, an EdTech @ www.roegatecollege.com. She is also doctoral researcher in Migrant Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Education.
She currently leads the team at Vantage Dymensions Consulting.