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Consulting, Coaching, Training, Facilitation

We know how important people are to achieving strategic objectives and gaining competitive advantage. Building a great organisation starts with building competencies and behaviours for leadership and for enhanced performance.

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Employability Training & Recruitment

A job for life is now a thing of the past, and switching from one job to another, and even from one career to another, has become the norm.  Our employability training helps to prepare you for work in diverse settings.  You will be supported to identify and build on existing transversal skills and qualities while gaining new ones. 

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Executive & Business Coaching

A leader’s capacity and capabilities are enhanced where opportunities for continual improvement and development is sought and maximised. At Vantage, our expertise is in supporting leaders and leadership to maximise their existing strengths and capabilities. 

Professional Development Programmes

Leadership and Professional Development e-Courses

Access relevant online training designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders, who are keen to upskill and invest in their own personal and professional development.

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Personal Development seminars

Personal Development seminars and workshops

We actively support growth and continuous development among leaders and aspiring leaders by creating fora and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, networking, sharing of ideas and fresh perspectives for tackling challenges/issues in diverse contexts. 

Strategy Development

EDI Facilitation and Strategy Development

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategies and practices have become critical to building healthy, dynamic and people-centred workplaces/organisations. These strategies and practices are also linked to increased competitiveness. We support organisations to develop EDI strategies.

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Women and Leadership Programme

The spotlight is currently on women in leadership, with an increasing awareness of the unique and dynamic role of women in leadership at all levels and across all sectors. Every woman has the capacity for greatness, the potential to positively influence her environment, and to initiate positive change.  

About Vantage Dymensions

Vantage Dymensions is a human resource development consultancy. Our core mission is centred on delivering results for  leadership, learning and people development, through building leadership capabilities and competence, and fostering tailored and inclusive strategies within organisations and teams and for professionals.

Thus, we help businesses and organisations to foster mindsets, and create environments and cultures, where the potential of their employees are recognised, cultivated, and harnessed, and where the competitive advantage and/or impact of the organisation is represented and expressed with clear, strong and relevant indicators.

We also work with individuals to support their professional/personal growth and development by equipping them with the skills, attitude and knowledge to meet company objectives and fulfill their goals. Our team of coaches is highly skilled in working with diverse teams and cultures, with a proven track record of success in inspiring growth, building leadership competence, and enhancing performance.

Our clients include PayPal, Irish Refugee Council, Common Purpose; Waterford Integration Services, The Munster Express, KARE, Waterford Integration Services, ContextAid, Daughters of Charity, CultúrMigrants Centre, etc.


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How we work

Our work is centred on the principle of co-creation, based on our philosophy that the involvement of our clients is invaluable in the design and realisation of a desired future at organisational, team and individual levels, where the strategic objectives are achieved and where everyone thrives.

Through a series of consultations and engagements, we focus on understanding environments, expectations, objectives and deliverables, to co-create focused, relevant and implementable solutions.


We are outstanding at what we do and our clients attest to this.
So, we confidently requested their feedback on the quality of our work, and here's what they said.

Toluwani has now done several programmes with Common Purpose, as a speaker and participant. I have found her an outstanding orator who knows the subject of leadership from a unique and powerful perspective. Her worldview and brilliant insights are a breath of fresh air

Dara Connolly Vantage Client
Dara Conolly

CEO, Common Purpose, Ireland

I have been a mentee under the supervision of Mrs Toluwani Akaehomen and her team and my experience was wonderful. I am currently working as a social care worker using my social work degree obtained from my country, Sierra Leone. This was made possible through the support and mentorship I received from the Vantage team via the Irish Refugee Council.

Hawa Ibrahim

Social Care Worker, Ireland

Hi Toluwani
I am so privileged to be part of this program and to have met someone like, you are a star, phenomenal woman indeed. I went for my first job interview in Ireland today and was lucky enough to connect with your class for about 20 minutes and was able to use it during the interview. Thank you for uplifting the spirit of migrant women, it boosts our confidence and makes us start our lives here with resilience. We appreciate you.


You have proven the theory wrong- it turns out that you can teach an old dog new tricks!! You have shown me the value and ease of social media, among others. Thanks for the coaching and for imparting your teachings from the heart. You have provided me with a campus to navigate Ireland. In Africa we believe ‘you empower a woman, you empower a village’. With sincere appreciation

Naledi Bisiwe
Naledi Bisiwe

I completed my Leadership Skills Level 6 with Toluwani. I very much enjoyed the course; it was interesting, and a very good learning experience led by a motivational tutor in a short space of time. Every learner had a unique learning experience with moments of high emotions. Toluwani was very patient, efficient and extraordinarily support towards every learner. I have done many courses over the past number of years and I can honestly say that this course was the best example of professional development I have ever experienced.

Caroline Walsh


I had an inspiring training on self-confidence and leadership skills with Toluwani, and how to gain a career in Ireland, which birthed in me a need for further coaching. I have become more courageous in my potential and positively impacting my environment, especially in the area of leadership. Each of my coaching sessions with Toluwani and her team was always an awesome experience. The Vantage team, I appreciate the inspiration, transformation, and growth your impact has made in my career, I have learned new techniques and have also increased in my competencies. Keep up the good work

Ebere Opara
Ebere Opara


"In May 2022, as part of an Erasmus+ funded project (SIATE – Social Inclusion of Adults Through Entrepreneurial Skills Education), I invited Toluwani to share her considerable and relevant expertise at the Irish leg of a series of five conferences regarding Social Inclusion through Entrepreneurial skills development. As part of the conference, Toluwani delivered a workshop focussing on; Capturing/maximising immigrant entrepreneurs’ human capital value, Integration & Social Inclusion viewed from an immigrant entrepreneur’s lens and, Inclusive entrepreneurship – an approach and an outcome. The presentation planning process was effortless. Toluwani’s approach was highly professional, and her workshop delivery was engaging, thought- provoking, practical, relevant and pitched at just the right level - balance was key - as there were professional educators and budding entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds (cultural & geographical) and experiences in attendance. Toluwani’s workshop delivery was excellent, her interpersonal skills are second to none and her level of knowledge and expertise in this area is significant. I look forward to seeing Toluwani again at subsequent conferences as part of the SIATE project and hopefully working together in future projects. It was an absolute pleasure working with Toluwani

Terry Datson
Terry Datson

Director, Universal Learning Systems Ltd, Ireland

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