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We are a team of consultants, coaches,  facilitators, and trainers, with expertise in leadership, people Development, sustainability, leadership and people development, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We have a combined experience of over 25 years delivering value at all levels of service and leadership. We are driven by our passion to inspire growth, build leadership competencies and enhance business performance.

Our work is underpinned by the philosophy that business performance is facilitated and enhanced by people and through people performance, and no organisation can be greater than its investment in leadership and people development. Gaining/maintaining competitive advantage is dependent on empowering and supporting organisational talents at every level to develop and maximise their full capabiliites, competencies and acuity.

Meet the Team

We are committed to working with businesses to develop and maximise high-performance skills and
competencies that enable leadership excellence, communication effectiveness,
enhanced employee engagement, increased synergy within teams and across departments,
gender collaboration, and greater evidence of the benefits of gender and ethnic diversity and inclusion.

Toluwani Akaehomen

Toluwani Akaehomen MBA

Learning, Leadership & People Development, Principal Consultant

Toluwanimi (Toluwani) Akaehomen is a human resource development practitioner, a Learning, Leadership & People Development expert, researcher, speaker, master trainer/facilitator and certified coach. She has extensive experience working in diverse sectors both in Europe and Africa. She is passionate about raising today’s leaders for tomorrow’s world, leading authentically, consciously and effectively.

Toluwani Akaehomen

Evans Adetokunbo Emmanuel

Leadership & People Development Consultant, Team Lead - Africa

Evans is a motivational teacher, a master facilitator and trainer & leadership consultant, with extensive experience leading and working with organisations both in the corporate, social enterprise and non-profit-making sectors.

Evans is a passionate and skilled trainer, coach and mentor, and is supporting the growth and development of several leaders in diverse sectors.

Adeola Akinlaja

Adeola Odunayo- Akinlaja

ESG & EDI Specialist, Team Lead - North America

‘Deola is a sustainability risk analyst and an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) specialist. She has worked extensively with teams to ensure organisations meet E&S regulatory requirements.

Deola’s brilliant mind is attested to by both colleagues and clients. She is skilled at critical analysis, report-writing, curriculum/programme design and facilitation.

Our values are simple and D-I-R-E-C-T

  1.  Dynamism and Continuous improvement
  2.  Integrity & Strong work ethics
  3.  Respect
  4.  Excellence
  5.  Collaboration
  6.  Teamwork


A look behind the scenes at some of our work

Toluwani Akaehomen (MBA)
Founder & PRINCIPAl consultant

Toluwani Akaehomen is a Learning, Leadership and People Development Consultant,  with expertise in promoting, supporting and inspiring leadership and people development, and enhanced performance through transformed thinking and behavioural change.She also has a strong bias for the socioeconomic inclusion and integration of marginalised/disadvantaged communities and migrants.  

She is a professional speaker, a Business and Personal Transformation Mentor, and  a certified Leadership development and Executive Coach, 

Toluwani had worked extensively with global organisations, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), communities, teams and individuals to develop strategies and interventions for enhancing performance, facilitating communication effectiveness, increasing employee engagement, enabling communicating transformation and supporting professional and personal development. She is also skilled at strategy development for effective leadership.

She is a member of some professional bodies, including the CIPD and the ILM. She was listed one of 145 inspiring women leaders 2020.

Toluwani is Founder and President of HerGenuityAfrika, a membership-based organisation promoting and supporting entrepreneurship, business and leadership among African and Minority Ethnic women. She is also Director of Studies at Roegate College, an EdTech. She is currently completing her doctorate at Coventry University, with research interests in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Education and Training.

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