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Employability Training & Recruitment Services

Our Employability Training and Recruitment Services will help you to identify your existing strengths, qualities and competencies and to develop the transferable skills that will enable you to excel in the workplace. We also help to match you with the right workplace/employer, something that is well-known as a critical factor in one’s mental health, well-being and professional success.

CV preparation  – We work with you to ensure that your CV is tailored specifically for the role you are seeking, highlighting your strengths, relevant qualities and achievements and detailing how your previous roles has prepared you for the role you are applying for. 

And if you want your CV for anything else other than for a job, we’re still here for you.

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Interview preparation – Preparing for an interview can be nerve-racking, especially if you are not used to it. Even more experienced interviewees experience anxiety as they prepare for interviews. We will equip you with the necessary tips, techniques and strategies to ace your next interview. 

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Recruitment Services – Our recruitment services seeks to connect employers with a pool of diverse talents, working to match the right candidates with the right employers. Are you an employer interested in proactively demonstrating your commitment to diversity and inclusion or are you a job-seeker?

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Employability training – Our Employability Training sessions equip you with the skills to prepare for the job market and to step confidently into the workplace. Interested in finding out more and in joining our next employability training online or in-person? 

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