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Women and Leadership Programme

The current global paradigm shift is paving the way for greater awareness of the importance and role of females in leadership positions. However, in spite of this growing awareness, women are still excluded from key leadership positions. Thus, the call for more women in leadership and for developing leadership skills among women is a timely, decisive and proactive way. Every woman has the capacity for greatness, the potential to positively influence her environment, and the power to initiate change in society.

In reponse to over a decade-long call for change, the EU has put forward the legislation that increases the presence of women on corporate boards. Companies have been given till 30th June 2026 to ensure that at least 40% of non-executive director posts or 33% of all director posts are occupied by women.

We believe that success is guaranteed when opportunity meets preparation. Our goal is to train, equip, prepare and support women to occupy positions of relevance and influence from the micro to the macro, from the family to the boardroom, through self-empowerment and continuous personal leadership/professional development, and through developing skills for authentic, conscious and effective (ACE) leadership. 

We deliver training globally, and in person or virtually. Register your interest here to join our next round of training programme.